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List of Sanction Orders from Government of India to Madhya Pradesh for the
Scheme'NREGA' during 2009-2010
Sanction Order Date
Sanction Order No.
Sanction Order Amount
(Rs. in Lakhs)
Remitted Amount
(Rs. in Lakhs)
115/10/2009J-12024/01/2009-NREGA SI No.3214760
218/09/2009J-12024/01/2009-NREGA SI No.26224882488
311/08/2009J-12024/21/2009-NREGA.Sl. No.1876150.236150.23
406/08/2009J-12024/01/2009-NREGA SI No.17365604.8565604.85
506/08/2009J-12024/06/2009-NREGA SI No.165291.83291.83
608/07/2009J-12024/01/2009-NREGA SI No.10150485048
701/07/2009J-12024/01/2009-NREGA SI No.0954185.934185.93
816/06/2009J-12024/01/2009-NREGA SL.NO.069&0708204.158204.15
920/05/2009J-12024/01/2009-NREGA SI No.0438310.488310.48
1001/05/2009J-12024/01/2009-NREGA SI No.0239188491884
State Total >>>192643.47192167.47

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